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Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program 

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Eligibility

No. Acceptance into any HEOP program is based entirely on academic and financial need and demonstrated potential for success in higher education. While many institutions assist members of historically marginalized groups, HEOP does not consider race in its admissions decisions.

No. HEOP is available to any first-time college student who meets the academic and economic eligibility criteria.

No. Unfortunately, enrollment in HEOP is available only to students at the beginning of their college careers.

No. The HEOP program provides financial and academic assistance to students attending private, non-profit institutions in New York State. The Education Opportunity Program (EOP) is available for similarly situated students intending to apply at SUNY schools while the Search for Education, Elevation and Knowledge (SEEK) and College Discovery (CD) programs serve students enrolled in the CUNY system

HEOP students must qualify, not only economically, but also academically for the program. Academic criteria will differ by institution, or even program and students who have the same economic background will have different academic profiles.

Eligibility into HEOP is based on students being inadmissible under regular admissions criteria. Regular academic admission guidelines vary by institution so eligibility for HEOP at one institution will be different at another.


Not Always. Each HEOP program has a different admissions process that can include an interview, diagnostic testing, writing sample, etc. Interviews are not a requirement for all programs but many HEOP programs do have a required or recommended interview component. Please contact the institutions that you are interested in to see what their requirements are.

One of the most important parts of the admission decision into an HEOP program is a demonstration of the prospective student’s ability to thrive and succeed in college. One way students can demonstrate this is during an interview with HEOP staff. But there’s no reason to panic. The interview process gives you a chance to tell your story and explain why you would be a good fit for the program to which you are applying. HEOP staff and administrators know there’s more to you than your grades and SAT scores and this is your chance to show them.

HEOP acceptance for transfer students is not automatic. Transfer into HEOP depends on the availability of both space and funds and even if you were accepted into the institution, you must check with the HEOP office prior to entry to find out if transfer student are being accepted for the semester you plan to attend.

Unfortunately, once you have enrolled as a regularly admitted student at a specific institution, you forfeit your HEOP eligibility at that institution. This is why it is very important to maintain contact with the HEOP office at your transfer institution prior to enrolling.

Financial Aid

Yes. Annually, all students MUST complete the federal FAFSA form beginning in January. After you indicate that you want your FAFSA sent to your institution, you will receive an email from the NYS HESC Department. You are required to review and complete the NYS TAP form that is found on the HESC website.

In addition to the HEOP grant funding provided by NYS and the institution, students may also receive funds from NYS TAP Grants, Federal PELL Grants, Federal work-study programs, and any additional internal or external scholarships a student may receive. Many programs have a self-help component to the financial aid package covered by family contributions, summer savings, or small direct federal loans. Be sure to ask each program you are interested in what your contribution may be.

HEOP provides a full-needs financial aid package that will typically cover the cost of tuition, any fees associated with your program, room and board (if applicable), as well as money for books in many instances. The majority of this funding is possible through NYS, Federal and Institutional grants and scholarships. All HEOP programs commit to keeping student loan debt as low as possible and ALL HEOP student graduate with less than $25,000 in subsidized federal loans. In fact, many programs have students graduating after four years with much less than $25,000.

While some schools do provide funding for textbooks, not all do. For programs that do assist with the cost, the amounts can vary and students may need to contribute some funds toward the purchase of books and supplies.


Yes. All HEOP students are required to attend a summer program. These programs can range from four to eight weeks in the summer prior to your first semester of college and will often include classroom time with college faculty designed to help you become more prepared for the coursework you will be doing in the fall and beyond. Many students will stay on campus and get a feel for college life before starting their programs of study. Beyond instructional and study time, the summer program gives students a chance to get to know HEOP staff, other students in the program, and participate in activities on and off-campus.



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